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Life Skills

is a Family and Consumer Sciences program for junior high youth that involves learning from online resources and competing in regional events. At the competitions, participants will apply skills and knowledge in Family and Consumer Sciences subject matter by visiting a series of activity centers and completing knowledge, skill or application activities at each center. The centers consist of both competitive (individual) and scored cooperative (team) activities.

  • Participants will gain knowledge in family and consumer science subject matter.
  • Participants will be able to demonstrate subject matter knowledge or skills through completion of assigned tasks at each learning center.
  • Participants will be able to make collective decisions focused on an FACS topic within a team context.

Activity centers will focus on Family and Consumer Science topics including Child and Human Development, Nutrition and Food Safety, Consumer and Family Economics, Health, Housing and Environment. Family and Consumer Sciences specialists develop new centers each year for the regional competitions. Check out the 2014 center topics below!

Participants can prepare for the LifeSkills competition using the online resources listed for the activity centers below. For more information about the competition, check the FAQs page. If you are an agent in charge of coordinating a regional competition, you may use this guide.

     Eastern Region – September 6, 2014
     Central Region – September 8, 2014
     Western Region – September 6, 2014

2014 Activity Centers

For information about available Extension Family and Consumer Sciences programs in you area of Tennessee, please contact your"> County Extension Office.